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Affiliation Code 1630422 EASTWOOD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Affilated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi


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Anand Saroop Singh

Eastwood International School
Raikot Road ,Mullanpur,

Welcome to Eastwood International School,which is providing holistic education to children, to be well educated and empathetic global citizens. Founded in 2003, Eastwood International continues to build a soild foundation of academic excellence and rigour combined with a warm, inclusive environment where all students feel welcomed and valued.

Being a great school is about providing the best possible education- onethat creates an appetite for the life and develops the talent to live life productively

It is about combining a breath of experience through sport, creative and performing arts, co-curricular activities and many other character forming activities and vitally, it is about preparing young people for life after school at their chosen university and beyond- equipping them to become suitable qualified and confident to lead, to serve and to be a good influence these value underpin everything we do achieve at Eastwood

We have distinguised history that inspries and enriches the daily life of our entire community.

Eastwood provides a truly outstanding environment for talented boys and girls who love learing and have potential to make a real difference in life.

Do come and visit us and put these assertions to the test.