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Our Vision

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Our Vision

"To develop responsible global citizens and leaders by providing a world-class international education, rooted in its heritage and values, for a diverse group of students."

Education has been undergoing a sea of change over the decades. In the past it was considered as a tool for getting a job.Today, it is not just a mean for achieving a suitable job. Every parent wants his/her child to grow into a perfect gentleman from a shy or a noisy child after completing education. It is an indisputable fact that educated gets high status in the society irrespective of their financial position.

Education is a sort of oxygen for prestigious social living. But most of the schools do not consider these facts while teaching students. Especially in Mullanpur, these was a dearth of quality schools. That is when the idea of Eastwood International School first came up.

"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other,wings." Holding Carter.

The school offers a unique curriculum to develop all round abilities of a child. The brains behind the school have set some clear and well-researched academic ideas & aims and have also formulated scientifically proven strategies to achieve the aims. With a hardworking team of dedicated teaching professionals, Eastwood International School is certain to ensure the smooth growth of a student to a full-grown future citizen of the country.

To ensure that our vision meets it's motive, each student's course of study is carefully planned and followed. Each term a student progresses at his own pace unimpeded by others. Those with outstanding qualities are given opportunities to shine and not rust unfurnished, and others lend a helping hand with understanding to reach their potential. Tempering these are the joys of sharing fellowship and fun: The sense of belonging that begins in the school and lasts a lifetime. Every possible effort is made, to recognize the significant factors of academic, pursuit, maturing experience and enthusiasm to learn.