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Discipline and School Rules

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The Eastwood International school does not believe in corporal punishment. We endeavour to instill a sense of self discipline in the children as well as in staff and in this respect, the students and the staff have evolved a code of conduct relating to people, work, and the school environment. Violation or disregard of school rules or any misbehaviour of any kind will result in expulsion. Cheating in the examination may result in being held back from home and public exams. Carrying any cash, jewelry or any valuables possession is a serious breach of school discipline. Discipline is imperative in the interest of both the student and the school.

Rules & Regulations

The Statement of Expectations has been devised to assist parents in understanding what is and is not acceptable at Eastwood International School.

  • Punctuality is essential at all times, students must reach their class rooms 10 minutes before the school timing. Students who contravene this rule without valid reason will be punished. On the fourth occasion they will be sent home.
  • Students must speak English on the school campus.
  • When bringing and collecting children, parents must leave cars outside the premises and not drive into school. Cars should not be parked near the school entrances and please do not use the gates for turning.
  • During school timings students should not leave the school premises without the permission of principal.
  • Parents are requested not to visit their wards in there classrooms during the school hours as it disturbs the child.
  • Eastwood International is a no smoking environment, this includes the building and its grounds
  • Quietness must be maintained when entering and leaving school assemblies.
  • Ball games are not allowed to break time and only with staff discretion at lunch time when the playground is less crowded.
  • Children may not bring sweets or snacks to school, unless it is for medical reasons or it is their birthday when they must be brought in a clearly labeled bag/ container..
  • Bottles and cans are not permitted as part of a packed lunch.
  • Jewelry is not allowed. Children with pierced ears may wear studs only and parents must accept responsibility for accidents caused by the wearing of studs. The school will accept no responsibility for loss or damage.
  • Children should not bring money to school other than for official business.
  • Children suffering from sickness/diarrhoea should be kept at home for two clear days
  • A dated note must accompany child returning to school after a period of absence.
  • Members of staff are always willing to meet with parents to discuss any anxieties or questions. All appointments should be made via the office when an appropriate time and meeting will be arranged. At Parent/Teacher Consultation Evenings, consultations are restricted to 10 minutes per child.
  • The school must be notified of any change of address, telephone number or the details of emergency contacts as soon as possible and in writing.
  • Children are expected to adhere to the school's uniform policy.